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I'm a Goodreads refugee, looking for a new home. Old books for children, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and humor are my main areas of interest. I've little interest in books that were written after 1975 or so, and prefer books that are older still. There are, however, a few still-living authors that I respect.

Pilgrimage: the Book of the People

Pilgrimage: the Book of the People - Zenna. Henderson Alien children with magic/psionic powers are refugees on modern Earth. A large collection of short stories which were also collected in a couple of smaller volume. It gets extremely saccharine and cloying after a while, but is memorable nonetheless.

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Basic Roleplaying: The Chaosium d100 system (Basic Roleplaying)
Sam Johnson, Charlie Krank
A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster
Rebecca Solnit