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I'm a Goodreads refugee, looking for a new home. Old books for children, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and humor are my main areas of interest. I've little interest in books that were written after 1975 or so, and prefer books that are older still. There are, however, a few still-living authors that I respect.

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!: And Other Things that Strike Me as Funny

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!: And Other Things that Strike Me as Funny - Bob Newhart Bob Newhart is a very funny guy. And he's written a very funny book.I picked this up under odd circumstances; in the used book store next to the Boothbay Public Library. The funny thing was that I found it only seconds after finding a copy of Dr Katz's Me at a Glance. What's the connection? I used to watch Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and The Bob Newhart Show (the one where Bob plays a psychologist) with a friend back in the 1990s. We loved those shows!It's a nice, light read; Bob recounts some of his funniest bits and talks about his life and TV shows. The thing that surprised me most was that Don Adams (of Get Smart!) stole some of Bob's material. Apparently he was known for doing that sort of thing.But the book isn't a tell-all or revenge book. It's just a good, light, enjoyable read with a lot of laughs. Thanks, Bob!

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